Taxi Rate Information

Flat Rates

Norshore Cab provides flat rate service to and from Chicago’s Loop, O’Hare and Midway airports. All flat rates include a $2.00 MPEA Airport Tax and toll fees to and from the airports.

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Chicago Loop Boundaries for Norshore Cab Flat Rate:
West: Halsted St; East: Lake Michigan; North: Oak St; South: Congress Pkwy

Flat Rate Search

To find your rate, please enter the first few letters of your suburb:
TownPart of TownTown CodeO'Hare RateO'Hare TimeMidway RateMidway TimeLoop RateMilwaukee Rate
Arlington HeightsAH4020-30 Min721-1 1/4 Hrs84132
BannockburnBN4335-45 Min771 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs97106
BarringtonBA5045-60 Min851-1 1/4 Hrs111135
BensenvilleBV2720-25 Min5640-60 Min67141
Buffalo GroveBG4650-55 Min801 3/4-2 Hrs92119
Deer ParkDK5450-60 Min811-1 1/4 Hrs108130
DeerfieldDF4125-35 Min741-1 1/4 Hrs86112
Des PlainesS. of OaktonDP2510-15 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs70127
Des PlainesN. of OaktonDP2710-15 Min581-1 1/4 Hrs70127
Des PlainesN. of GolfDP2915-20 Min601-1 1/4 Hrs70127
East DundeeED5545-50 Min841- 1 1/2 Hrs113171
ElginEL5440-50 Min811- 1 1/2 Hrs113168
Elk GroveE. of LivelyEG2620-30 Min631-1 1/4 Hrs73147
Elk GroveW. of LivelyEG2820-30 Min651-1 1/4 Hrs73147
Elk GroveW. of AH Rd.EG3425-35 Min601-1 1/4 Hrs73147
Elk GroveW. of RohlwingEG3825-35 Min591-1 1/4 Hrs73147
ElmhurstEH3020-25 Min4835-45 Min57142
EvanstonEV4030-40 Min6050-60 Min38135
Fort SheridanFS4645-55 Min831-1 1/2 Hrs86115
Fox LakeFL871 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1121 3/4-2 Hrs159110
Fox River GroveFG6545-55 Min931-1 1/2 Hrs124141
GlencoeGC4735-45 Min741-1 1/4 Hrs73122
GlenviewGV3425-35 Min651-1 1/4 Hrs51124
GolfGF3325-35 Min681-1 1/4 Hrs57127
GurneeGU5940-50 Min911 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs12187
Harwood HeightsHH2210-20 Min4830-45 Min46136
Hawthorne WoodsHT5645-60 Min871 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs113123
Highland ParkHP4640-45 Min781-1 1/2 Hrs84115
HighwoodHW4845-50 Min821-1 1/2 Hrs84113
Hoffman EstatesHE4545-60 Min781 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs100156
Indian CreekIC5330-40 Min8150-60 Min108112
Inverary/DeerfieldDF4225-35 Min761-1 1/4 Hrs92114
InvernessINV4545-60 Min761 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs97156
IvanhoeIV5345-60 Min911 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs121106
KenilworthKW4225-45 Min641-1 1/4 Hrs54129
KildeerKD4840-50 Min781-1 1/4 Hrs105126
Lake BarringtonLL6445-60 Min931-1 1/2 Hrs124141
Lake BluffLB5335-45 Min881-1 1/4 Hrs103102
Lake ForestLF5135-45 Min841-1 1/4 Hrs94107
Lake In The HillsLIH711 Hr1011 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs130185
Lake ZurichLZ5345-55 Min871-1 1/2 Hrs113126
LibertyvilleLV5340-50 Min841-1 1/4 Hrs11696
LincolnshireLS4335-45 Min791-1 1/4 Hrs97107
LincolnwoodLW3320-30 Min5545-60 Min37135
LindenhurstLH691-1 1/4 Hrs1021-1 1/2 Hrs14692
Long GroveLG5040-50 Min851-1 1/4 Hrs105119
Melrose ParkML3020-30 Min4335-45 Min49145
MettawaME4840-50 Min811-1 1/4 Hrs105101
Morton GroveMG3115-25 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs44130
Mt. ProspectMP3425 Min671 Hr73145
MundeleinMU5340-50 Min841-1 1/4 Hrs121108
NilesNI2920-30 Min551-1 1/4 Hrs42134
NorridgeNO2510-20 Min4935-45 Min43140
North BarringtonNN5845-60 Min891-1 1/2 Hrs121134
North ChicagoNC5940-50 Min911-1 1/2 Hrs11699
NorthbrookNB3630-40 Min701-1 1/4 Hrs78116
NorthfieldNF3830-40 Min651-1 1/4 Hrs62121
NorthlakeNL2520 Min4635 Min57142
PalatinePA4550-60 Min821-1 1/2 Hrs92134
Park RidgePR2615-25 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs42135
Prairie ViewPV4850-60 Min841-1 1/2 Hrs103111
Prospect HeightsPH3730-40 Min731-1 1/4 Hrs84127
RiverwoodsRW3730-40 Min741-1 1/4 Hrs89112
Rolling MeadowsRM3740-50 Min741-1 1/4 Hrs81146
RosemontRT185-10 Min5430-40 Min51135
Schiller ParkSP2210-20 Min5135-45 Min51134
SkokieSK3525-40 Min551-1 1/4 Hrs40134
Stone ParkSO2620-25 Min4330-40 Min51141
Vernon HillsVH4740-50 Min831-1 1/4 Hrs113113
WaukeganWK7250-60 Min951 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs13095
West DundeeWE5545-60 Min871 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs119170
WheelingWH3730-40 Min741-1 1/4 Hrs89116
WilmetteWI4035-45 Min611-1 1/4 Hrs44131
WinnetkaWN4335-45 Min661-1 1/4 Hrs70126
ZionZI7445-60 Min1051-1 1/2 Hrs13887
MidwayMDW5730-40 Min175
MDWMDW5730-40 Min175
Mitchell FieldMFLD147181243
O'HareORD5730-40 Min132
OHareORD5730-40 Min132
ORDORD5730-40 Min132
The flat rates above are inclusive of all Taxes and Tolls. Any areas not listed are available from the dispatch office upon request. Rates do not include extras or gratuities. Rates are always subject to change, please call 847-864-7500 for any additional rates.

Meter Rates

Metered rates apply to all trips other than to/from O’Hare/Midway Flag pull (entry fee) and first 1/4 mile of travel: $2.00 Each additional mile of travel or fraction thereof: $2.40 Waiting time per hour or fraction thereof: $30.00

Extra Charges

Add $1.00 for each additional passenger age 12-65 Add $10.00 when a minivan is requested. (Extra passenger fee is waived if customer requests minivan)

Meter Plus 50% Rate

Fares are charged at a rate of meter plus 50% rate if the cab travels beyond: West: Route 59; North: Route 120; South: 95th St (The taxicab driver will add 50% to the total fare displayed on the meter.) Prices subject to change without notice. Please be advised that the fare cost estimate provided herein are approximate and serve informational purposes only. The real fare cost may differ depending on many factors such as traffic conditions, detours, etc.